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Meet the team

Fraud Prevention Training Center is Ireland's leading Fraud Prevention Training company specializing in how to apply Fraud Prevention best

practices and ethical standards.

So what makes us different?


That's a good question. Well, for starters we don’t offer short courses that get you nowhere and we don’t offer any short cuts or easy outs to getting your qualification. In fact, we try not to do anything that won’t be of real benefit to you.  Every semester we take time to reflect on our experiences and lessons learnt. This growth gives us a wonderful opportunity to give back to our students by always improving semester on semester. 

Everything we do is about achieving growth.

Kevin Hart has over 20 years experience in fraud, corruption and money laundering investigations; forensic accounting; and litigation support. He has deep experience in fraud risk management and has run large scale fraud, anti-fraud and anti-corruption training.  Kevin sits on the ACFE Ireland Chapter Board and he is always excited to share his knowledge with fellow ACFE Members and aspiring CFE's. 

Brigitte Tyack
Director, Training & Partnerships
Kevin Hart
Director, Risk & Advisory

Brigitte is the driving force behind FPTC (and by that we mean she drives inspiration, growth, productivity and development). Brigitte’s vast experience in marketing, education,  training, her passion for Ireland and in-depth understanding of business ensures that FPTC is the leading industry training center offering professional students carefully selected internationally acclaimed courses.  

Raymundo Olvera
Lecturer, CFE
Carl Wissing
Lecturer, CFE

Certified Fraud Examiner with 9 years of experience performing the role of Fraud specialist and Fraud Analyst in the Telecommunications and leisure industry. Raymundo works with big data sets and transform data to information lead me to find patterns of frauds and act in order to stop and implement measures to prevent it and ensuring the recovery of transactions detected as fraudulent. In his free time he lectures & is a CFE tutor. 

Carl is the Head of the Consultancy Services division and has overall responsibility for Managing the Business Consulting Function. Carl is a skilled fraud and forensic investigative practitioner with more than 25 years’ experience in the fields of risk management and mitigation, law enforcement, forensic investigations, litigation support and conflict resolution. He has managed and conducted assessments, reviews, investigations and projects within both the private and public sectors into bribery, corruption, fraud, theft, SCM/procurement related irregularities, organised crime, money laundering, IP infringements, and employee misconduct.

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